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We’re changing the way you learn music. Learn piano, guitar, and vocal lessons at Muziscale. Discover the joy of playing and expressing yourself through captivating melodies. Join us today and let the harmonious adventure begin!


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Unlock Your Musical Potential

Embark on a musical journey like no other and unleash your true musical talent with our unparalleled features.

Personalized 1-1 Sessions

Curated music instruction for individualized growth and learning.

Immerse yourself in a truly tailored learning experience with our one-on-one sessions. Our expert instructors will dedicate their undivided attention to you, ensuring that every lesson is precisely designed to meet your specific needs and goals. Get ready to unlock your full musical potential.

Tailored Curriculum

Customized learning plans to achieve your musical goals.

Say goodbye to generic music lessons. Our curriculum is meticulously crafted to cater to your individual musical aspirations. From mastering your favorite instrument to exploring various genres or even composing your own music, our customized approach will empower you to progress rapidly and achieve extraordinary results.

Simplified Concepts for Comprehensive Understanding

Easily grasp complex music theory and concepts.

Music theory and concepts can often seem intimidating, but not with us. We take pride in simplifying complex ideas, breaking them down into digestible pieces, and presenting them in a way that guarantees a complete and profound understanding. Prepare to grasp the essence of music effortlessly and build a rock-solid foundation.

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Discover how our friendly music classes have inspired and empowered students to unleash their creativity and achieve their goals. Join us today and be part of their amazing journey!

    • I'm glad I found MUZISCALE. Sajeev was indeed so smart in grabbing my daughter's attention and making her do the job. He gave my daughter a crystal clear idea about Music and playing piano made really easy by his concepts of teaching.

      Luhane Amari
    • We are really happy with the course. My daughter is able to play Piano and can sing and perform to any song now.

      Sulagna Patra
    • We always wanted to see my son playing in Church. Sajeev helped my son to play and sing in Church within just 3 months. My son is able to play any song just by hearing. He's still in touch with us though the course is done and shares tips to our son.

    • Total personalized classes. Timings are totally according to our convenience though we alter them from time to time. He communicates with us all through the week whenever we have doubts and questions. He used to share class content with me as well so that I can follow up with my son.

    • Sajeev was there for my son more than he promised. He got all the patience and skills to grab my son's attention and progression.

      Edward Ross
    • My daughter used to learn from a teacher for 7 years. She could only play the songs which her teacher used to teach her. I came to know about MUZISCALE through a colleague and I didn't believe what they told initially. Just after two sessions I saw the difference. In just 5 weeks my daughter is able to play any song and sing as well. Sajeev gave all the practical knowledge about music.

    • My son used to learn Piano from school and he used to go to take piano tuitions privately for 4 years. We thought music is a complicated slow learning process. Having our doubts, Yet we took the course with MUZISCALE. I am in awe by seeing my son performing in school events within just 2 months.


Simple pricing, for everyone.

It doesn’t matter what stage you are, our course is designed to work well for you.


Good for anyone who is self-employed and just getting started.


  • Comprehensive vocal technique training
  • Warm-up exercises and vocal workouts
  • Repertoire development in various musical genres
  • Focus on performance skills and stage presence
  • Music theory and ear training
  • Interpretation and musicality development
  • Vocal health and care guidance
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Piano + Vocals

Perfect for small / medium sized businesses.


  • Piano technique and keyboard proficiency training
  • Vocal technique and breath control exercises
  • Accompaniment skills for piano and vocals
  • Diverse song repertoire for piano and vocal performances
  • Performance skills and stage presence development
  • Music theory knowledge for piano playing and singing
  • Interpretation and expression techniques for piano and vocals
  • Harmony and chord progressions integration
  • Vocal and piano ensemble skills for collaborative music-making
  • Vocal health and care guidance for sustained singing ability
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Guitar + Vocals

For even the biggest enterprise companies.


  • Guitar technique and chord progression training
  • Vocal technique and breath control exercises
  • Accompaniment skills for guitar and vocals
  • Diverse song repertoire for guitar and vocal performances
  • Performance skills and stage presence development
  • Music theory knowledge for guitar playing and singing
  • Arranging and transposing songs for guitar and vocals
  • Jamming and ensemble skills for collaborative music-making
  • Vocal health and care guidance for sustained singing ability
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Frequently asked questions

If you can’t find what you’re looking for, email our support team and if you’re lucky someone will get back to you.

    • How does online music learning work?

      Online music learning allows you to receive personalized instruction from professional instructors through video lessons and interactive platforms. You can connect with your instructor in real-time, access learning materials, and participate in virtual practice sessions.

    • What instruments do you offer lessons for?

      We offer lessons for a wide range of instruments, including piano, guitar and more. Please reach out to us for specific instrument availability.

    • Are the online music lessons suitable for beginners?

      Absolutely! Our online music lessons cater to students of all levels, including beginners. Our instructors will guide you through the fundamentals and help you build a solid musical foundation.

    • How long are the music lessons?

      The duration of each music lesson typically ranges from 30 minutes to 1 hour, depending on your preference and the instructor's recommendations. Longer sessions can also be arranged if needed.

    • What if I don't own the instrument for the lessons?

      While it's beneficial to have your own instrument, we understand that some students may not have one initially. Our instructors can guide you in choosing the right instrument and provide recommendations for rentals or purchases.

    • Can I schedule lessons at a time convenient for me?

      Yes! We offer flexible scheduling options to accommodate your availability. Our instructors will work with you to find mutually convenient lesson times.

    • How do I communicate with my instructor during online lessons?

      We utilize video conferencing platforms that allow you to have real-time, face-to-face interaction with your instructor. Additionally, messaging platforms may be available for any queries or doubts between lessons.

    • What if I need to reschedule a lesson?

      We understand that unforeseen circumstances may arise. Simply inform your instructor in advance, and they will work with you to reschedule the lesson at the earliest convenient time for both parties.

    • Are there performance opportunities for students?

      Yes! We organize virtual recitals and showcases where students can showcase their progress and perform for their peers, friends, and family members. These events help foster a supportive community and boost confidence.